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Paul Furey

Paul Furey

Paul has been in the field of behaviour change and executive coaching for over 30 years.

Following a first career as an Army officer in the early 80s, Paul found himself drawn into psychology - by accident. Coaching had not yet emerged as a discipline away from the sports field and it was during a brief period as a training officer in the hotel industry that Paul found himself on a 'training' course to improve his own communication skills. His offence at having his excellent (hardly) communication skills called into question did not last long. The course turned out to be a far cry from what he or any of his colleagues in training departments the world over, had ever experienced...a way of learning that put experimentation before theory, didn't have a syllabus, set outcomes or an off-the-shelf answer for everything. This was the unusual breed of training that Paul took with him into his own career and into research at university as a mature student.

Whilst carrying out doctoral research into the coach-ability of empathy in the early 2000s, Paul was constantly experimenting with various ways to get individuals and groups to have more straightforward, honest conversations. Needless to say, not everything worked. Today Paul and his team have refined a way of working alongside organisations, and the teams within them, helping them to drawn closer together across departmental, professional and interpersonal boundaries in ways which clarify situations, relax unworkable conventions and enable people to have 'real' conversations.

Away from his desk Paul is a keen TikTokker, keeps bees, runs and will indulge his passion for ice swimming whenever he can find open water.

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