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gets better

One-to-one and group coaching encounters to build trust through experiments in honesty.

We are specialists in getting people to talk openly to one another about what's really going on. Early on we encourage our clients to adopt a vocabulary of honesty with us, and with their colleagues.

We'll bring your team together in working sessions to discuss how you see each other, your formal and informal roles, how you talk and behave together.

As levels of honesty in the room increase, valuable insights begin to flow freely. Clearer, more honest conversations begin to happen and the group learns about how they can talk more effectively.

All this without having to change very much at all and without having to learn a colourful model or adopt some quirky vocabulary.

Our clients get results.

Between a rock and a hard place


A non executive director acting to stabilise a situation whilst simultaneously driving change

A team divided by misunderstanding

VP and Senior Managers
Professional services

Mission-critical team breaking up though misunderstanding.

The new team

Senior manager
Professional services

Four teams into one will go.