We work with individuals, teams and organisations to help them to have conversations that get things done.

In that process your people get to understand themselves and the people around them a lot better - especially the stuff to do with feelings and the other, near-invisible things that go on in conversations which can make or break a good outcome.

For us it's about drawing out what your people already know: their experience, their personality, what they feel, what they really want. The very things that we all bring to work but are often reluctant to address - never mind mention.

Our top priority, whether we're there to work with just one person or the whole organisation, is to help you to create an environment in which people know it's OK to have a real conversation - to talk about what's really going on.


Founded in 1989 by psychologist, Dr Paul Furey, we are a closely-knit, well-trained team of eleven practitioners that support individuals, small groups and whole organisations to run their businesses in open, honest ways that enable people to flourish.

Paul's doctoral research focused on the use of empathy in quickly turning difficult business exchanges into helpful conversations.


A real conversation can occur when the people involved have learned to look after the process of the conversation whilst also taking part in the content. It’s this ability to look after the behaviour alongside the agenda which will enable your people to tackle the really difficult stuff - and get to a solution much quicker.


Organisational culture and growth

You may wish to understand the way your people really are together – how they interact. We hold conversations and observation sessions around your organisation to help you to crystalise what makes you special, where the organisation is missing opportunities and how it could improve how people talk to each other and to your customers.

Typical timespan for success: 3-6 months


Highly practical workshops for leadership teams to help them to strengthen their communication, and therefore their relationships and productivity. It can be hard for team members to stand back far enough to be able to spot unhelpful habits or to understand what might be going wrong between them. We bring an experienced, dispassionate outside perspective to help people to notice, speak up and accelerate their co-operation.

Typical timespan for success: 10-15 hours over 6 months

One-to-one development

For leaders who need to stand back and re-align their objectives with their approach to leadership, personality and their way of communicating. Life for senior individuals is crammed with pressure, activity and challenge – we provide structured, private time to pause, think, experiment and move on.

Typical timespan for success: 3-6 months


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S1:E1 - Stuck at the Top

Case study

S1:E1 - Stuck at the Top

It's the beginning of another glorious day just outside Reedsham in Surrey. The Autumn colours are starting to show in the trees and the people cycling into work at The Company in the last few days have been the first to notice the crispness in the air. Autumn is definitely here... and perhaps not just in the weather.

September 2019: 5 words that can WRECK a conversation

3-Minute Model (A mini film)

September 2019: 5 words that can WRECK a conversation

Basic mistakes that annoy and confuse… and what to say instead!

How to have a real conversation

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How to have a real conversation

October 25, 2019

Conversations are part of all of our lives and yet many of us get stuck in conversations that we would neither chose to have, nor really know what to do with. This webinar will help participants to understand that there are choices that we can all make to manage even the hardest conversations to a better conclusion.

October 2019: Breaking the cycle of bad meetings


October 2019: Breaking the cycle of bad meetings

October 3, 2019

We're making time for bad meetings. There are simple things you can do, whether you're in charge or not, to make things very different.