Turning words
into actions

We partner with individuals and organisations to help them to start having more of the conversations that get things done — real conversations.

Experience tells us that conversations that are more tactical and personality-driven stunt relationships, reduce trust and cause division.

We help our clients to develop the capacity for extraordinarily free conversations that are to the point, supportive, open and involving.

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Founded in 1989 by psychologist, Dr Paul Furey, we are a closely-knit, well-trained team of practitioners that support individuals, small groups and whole organisations to run their businesses in open, honest ways that enable people to invest themselves in their job rather than wasting time and effort trying to figure out how to deal with one another.

We believe that great conversations hold the key to building relationships, trust and energy for action.

When people trust one another and are keen to get going, they can make anything happen.

Boards can only work really well when there is trust. To trust someone you need to understand them. And to understand them you need to be able to have proper conversations.
Jonathan Hayward
Founding Partner, Independent Audit


Each assignment is unique. Whether we are working with an individual, a team or a much larger portion of the organisation, we use a framework to guide ourselves and our clients to a great result without having to resort to using templates and off-the-shelf solutions. Our framework has three phases that we work through with you as stuff happens: learn, simplify, act and communicate.

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What was tricky is now trickier... and no, it can't wait.

Scoping tool

We use this device to scope out projects, both large and small. It helps to get our clients focusing on what's important to them without getting lost in the detail.

It only take a few minutes to fill in but by the end most people report having greater clarity about where they need to place effort and investment.

For each item, simply click on one of the 4 options that best describes how you see the situation at the moment.


How quickly does this need to be acted on?


What might be the attitude towards any intervention?


What are the direct negative financial implications created by the situation?


What seems to be the effect on the individuals involved of the way things are at the moment?


How great is the operational disruption?


To what degree is the overall effectiveness of the organisation negatively impacted?


What is the negative reputation impact within or outside the organisation?

Repair time

Management time to repair after an episode?


What is the frequency of the negative occurrences


What do you think the likelihood might be of the recurrence of the problem without external help

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This is probably one you can sort out.

This situation probably can be resolved with a few internal actions. We'd be very happy to chat over what you can do for yourselves.

There may be quite a few things you can do internally

We'd be happy to talk over the situation in more depth since there could be quite a bit that you can resolve internally. However, it's possible that you'd like to get some external support and we'd be very happy to talk over what this might look like - we can even give you an idea of fees on the spot.

It may be better to get support with this one.

It may be easier to get some help with this situation to get a clearer, better result more decisively. Some situations present internal 'helpers' with a bigger task than an external agent.

This situation seems to have become difficult

It looks like that despite best efforts, things have gone too far to be easily resolved by action from within the organisation. We would be happy to talk over what you've done so far and how you would like things to turn out in the end. It may be that the conversation is enough to give you fresh ideas about the actions you can take without us or with our support.

It's probably time to get external support.

This situation has clearly run its course and the most decisive way to resolve it is probably going to involve some external support. We would be very happy to hear more about the situation, what you've managed to do about it so far and how you'd ultimately like things to pan out. This conversation would in no way oblige you to bring us in to assist.

Thank you

Your answers have been submitted to Paul Furey.

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Energy, time, money and opportunity all take a hit when things aren't right between people.