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News travels fast.

Unless it's bad.

Even the most successful companies have problems that executives would rather keep to themselves.

We work with Executive teams and Boards to develop their ability to have honest conversations about troubling issues, early on.

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Approachable boards hear the truth sooner.

Leading an organisation is hard work and it's lonely.

A good Board will win the confidence of its management to the degree that it will be seen as a safe forum for discussing emerging ideas, projects, successes and failures.

A less well-developed Board will perhaps simply be seen as yet another business problem and another set of challenges to be overcome: how to get things past the Board, how to keep the NEDs onside and how to manage the chair into not interfering.

When Execs and NEDs can talk openly to one another, problems can be identified before they've even happened and issues can be thought through by a collection of minds, from a helpful variety of perspectives.

Good conversations between the two teams minimises risk and makes it more likely that the right opportunities are taken full advantage of.

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