Water cooler moments - the first results are in...

Here are the highlights of the study’s results so far:


·     Respondents: 70%female, 30% male.


·     The 3 most popular uses of water cooler moments are:

1.    Having a laugh 67%

2.    Getting a quick update 63%

3.    Having a mental break 57%


·     Respondents said that the 3 most effective ways of making up for them in their absence are (from suggestions that respondents rated an 8 or greater for effectiveness):


1.    Specifically informal conversations by phone (no video)

2.    Sharing funny stuff and comments in chat panes on various platforms

3.    Adding extra time for chit chat before and after formal video meetings (one respondent termed it - ‘people before technical’


The thing that has caught our eye in particular is the preference that people seem to have for telephone conversations without video. We’ve also read lots of comments that suggest that people really haven’t enjoyed the stand alone virtual coffee/drinks events and have found it more useful to tack on extra minutes before and after video meetings (in the true spirit of the unplanned water cooler moment?). It’s not to say that they haven’t worked at all but they have received low ratings from respondents.

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